These are the type of doors that are used in buildings where daily entrances and exits are intense, and which open and close automatically by detecting people who are going to pass. In this system, also known as automatic sliding door, there are photocells on the upper part of the door. People who pass through the photocell doors do not need to expend physical energy. With the automatic system, entry and exit are made through the doors which open automatically, then the door closes automatically. In this way, the hygienic conditions are ensured at the maximum level. It is also a preferred system in terms of energy saving and practical transition.

Reasons for preference

Photocell doors are finding more and more uses every day. This type of door is preferred at entrances and interior doors of corporate buildings, squares, shopping malls, government and private institutions. You can even see it being used in homes.

Above all, photocell doors offer considerable comfort. The fact that physical force is not required to enter and exit buildings or interior parts of buildings provides comfort and contributes to the reputation of establishments. A significant benefit is offered to disadvantaged groups such as the disabled and the elderly.

Since it provides convenience for the passage of crowded groups, congestion, queues and chaos are not caused in places where there are photocell doors. Pedestrian traffic becomes faster and more regular. In places such as markets, shopping malls and warehouses where goods are shipped, no time is wasted opening and closing doors every time during the transportation of goods. Load-sensing photocell doors open automatically, saving time and effort.

Photocell doors save energy by preventing heat loss. Closing the door immediately after entering and leaving, possibly using winter mode, contributes to this saving.